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Current Work

Sirona Care and Health CIC - Aug 22 to May 23

  • Review of all current user experience processes and structures.

  • Production of a report with recommendations.

  • Co-production of Experience and Engagement Strategy.

  • Review of the Customer Care function and delivery of subsequent support and training.

Past Work

BANES Carers Centre - Nov 20 to May 22

  • Caring Communities Stakeholder Insights Project.

  • Research interviews with carers, third sector organisations and health and social care professionals about carer support needs.

  • Identification of gaps.

  • User testing of prototypes to address unmet need.

Virgin Care, BANES - Mar to July 21​

  • Development of a Service User Engagement Plan in collaboration with service leads.

  • Post pandemic community engagement research interviews with 12 third sector organisations in BANES and production of report.

The Psychosynthesis Trust - Dec 2020

Review of roles and role descriptions for three charity Directors

Astriid - Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Project to gather feedback from candidates about their experience of Astriid. Phone interviews, collation and analysis of results and production of report.

3SG - Oct 2019

Advice and support on the development of the Compassionate Communities plan and principles for Bath and North East Somerset.

BANES, Swindon and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group - Sept 21 to Jan 22

  • Planning and delivering the community and stakeholder engagement for a new health and social care model across BANES, Swindon and Wiltshire: interviews with key stakeholders; development of a survey and facilitation of stakeholder workshops.

  • Analysis of engagement results and production of a report.

Relate, Avon - July 19 to Nov 22

  • Trustee on Board

  • Development of annual staff and

        counsellor survey.

  • Collation and analysis of results.

  • Development and implementation of

         Action Plan to address issues raised.

Clean Slate CIC - July 2019 - Feb 2020

  • Evaluating a pilot series of 'Money Talking' workshops for support advisors at DHI, Curo and Virgin Care. These workshops enable the advisors to support clients with their financial resilience.

  • Preparing a project review report on the impact of the 3B's (Banking, Budgeting and Being Online) money skills programme that has been delivered to social tenants, benefit claimants and low paid earners.

  • Assisting Clean Slate with a review of data systems to enable impact reporting to be effective, thorough and accurate.

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