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What I Can Offer

I use my experience to help others with all their  engagement needs as I
believe strongly in the power of working collectively to achieve service and community improvements.

I can take you through the whole process of engagement with your chosen stakeholders from start to finish or can assist with just a few elements. Every project will be tailored to your needs and you are in charge of the process.

I can help you with…

  • Development and writing of engagement policy, strategy and plans

  • Surveys, interviews, workshops, focus groups, consultation days – aims, wording and design, publicity, implementation, facilitation, monitoring, evaluation of results and outcomes, writing of report

  • How to set up and review engagement monitoring systems

  • Setting up a Citizens’ Panel, Service User Panel or community group – aims, how and who to recruit, managing your agenda, monitoring progress, feedback mechanisms, Terms of Reference and constitution

  • Ensuring compliance with engagement legislation and good practice

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